Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Slick Rydr - Forty Years of Craftsmanship and Pride

Slick Rydr has been producing quality canoe, kayak and bike trailers for over 40 years. Each Slick Rydr is hand made, one at a time by expert craftsmen to insure the finest quality and durability. Our combination trailers, known as the Multi Use Trailer (MUT line), allow you to configure the best trailer for your present needs and allow for future modifications as your needs change.

Images of Slick Rydr products

Make a Slick Rydr trailer the newest addition to your family!

The Multi Use Trailer (MUT) line is designed for transporting kayaks, canoes and/or bicycles to remote recreation locations. The entire line of trailers boast the strongest, simplest frame design in the industry and can be configured to fit just about any outdoor enthusiasts needs.

The sleek new design is attractive, durable and perfect for sea kayaks and canoes.

(NOTE: If a trailer will carry two canoes, generally it will double that capacity for kayaks. In other words, two canoe capacity equals four kayak capacity, four canoe capacity equals eight kayak capacity, and so on.)

Animated canoer